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From Everything.Sucks is a website designed to allow easy reading, listening, studying, searching, and sharing of the Bible in many different versions and translations, including English, French, Spanish, and other languages (see below). Its mission statement is "To honor Christ by equipping people to read and understand the Bible, wherever they are". The website is free for anyone to use, but also offers Bible Gateway Plus, a membership program with enhanced services. It is currently owned by Zondervan.

A user shared this in a review: "Biblegateway app is very hard to use. I cannot find clear instructions and cannot figure out how to get it to do simple things. For instance, it is presently stuck in the book of Isaiah. I want to check out a passage in I Corinthians. I typed the Corinthians reference in the search box. It tells me there are no results for my search, yet directly underneath that is the first part of the Corinthians passage with its reference. I assume they mean no results that are in Isaiah and click on the reference and partial verse below, expecting it will bring up the passage. Rather it takes me back to Isaiah! I return to search and try again, this time double-clicking. Same outcome. I am probably not the only person attempting to use the app who is not especially tech-savvy. I suggest including simple instructions or, if they already exist on here, making that obvious, etc perhaps having that page come up first thing each time the app is opened."


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